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“Strategic Business Alignment for Measurable Return on Investment”

“Strategic Business Alignment for Measurable Return on Investment”

by anas


Whether is defining a strategic direction and governance structure of new business capabilities, or aligning existing capabilities with business strategy adjustments, our clients rely upon us as trusted advisors for timely and targeted success of their initiatives.

Our functional expertise in the domains of  IT Strategy, Cyber Security, Regulatory Compliance, and Risk Management, allows us to leverage our past experiences in accelerating service delivery for current clients.

Services Offered

  • Cyber Security Strategy Alignment
  • Policy, Process, and Standards Development
  • Business Resiliency and Recovery Strategy
  • Secure DevOps Services
  • Executive Dashboards & Metrics Reporting
  • Data Governance and Privacy Strategy
  • GDPR Program Strategy

Case Studies

A technology services and support platform blueprint was created based on business requirements for community outreach and development, fundraising, youth empowerment, inter-faith outreach, religious programs, and social support services. Resulting infrastructure was mostly comprised of subscription-based cloud services with minimal on-premise equipment to minimize ongoig maintenance needs, while ensuring protection of sensitive information.

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Facilitated integration of security good practices with the client’s software development processes. Starting with establishing business context for SSDLC program, benchmarked development practices, delivered developer training for increased awareness and stewrdship amongst development teams. Implemented static, dynamic and other testing methods to review application code at various stages of the development lifecycle. Introduced cost savings of over $1.8M in the first year alone with tighter integration between information security and development teams. Established success metrics for management reporting and continual improvement.

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Established an-enterprise-wide and business-aligned cyber security program based on NIST Cyber Security Framework, ISO 27001, SANS Critical Security Controls, Industry Security Specifications, and vendor specific platform protection standards. Cyber Security architecture framework was created, with security capabilities and services identified to provide coverage for the subscriber environment. A phased deployment approach was adopted for measured business acceptance, and managed execution as planned.

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