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“Operational Execution of Service Strategy and Transformational Initiatives”

“Operational Execution of Service Strategy and Transformational Initiatives”

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When the need to keep the lights on supersedes everything else, we jump in to work alongside our clients to help them meet their operational needs. Clients routinely call upon us to fill operational leadership and engineering roles until they find and place the right candidate, while we keep the ship afloat. Once onboard, we bring new team members up to speed and transition out of the temporary arrangement.

We also offer select IT functions in an outsourced delivery model, especially the ones that are not routinely performed, such as GRC platform support, third party risk assessments, forensic analysis and investigations, and so on.

Services Offered

  • On-Demand Leadership (Interim/Fractional CISO, CSO, DPO, CTO, CRO, CCO)
  • ITSM Maturity Benchmarking
  • Security Awareness and Training
  • GRC Automation
  • Secure Cloud Adoption
  • Interim Operational Support Services (Archer, Palo Alto, Splunk, Carbon Black, Ionic)
  • Advanced Cybersecurity and Risk Analytics
  • Managed GRC Services
  • Managed SecureDevOps Services
  • Managed Third Party Risk Governance

Case Studies

Conducted information, architecture, & technology risk assessments, including internal and external vulnerability assessments, network and application penetration tests, and social engineering attempts to gain unauthorized access to privileged Client resources. Presented findings and recommendations wrapped in business context, and provided Client with a prioritized, risk-based, and actionable roadmap to socialize architectural updates, patch vulnerabilities, improve processes, and prioritize funding of initiatives. Resulting project artifacts were immediately transformed into remediation project plans, and executed to completion with our team’s coaching and assistance.

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Business processes were improvised prior to automation. A unified Archer GRC platform was deployed and configured with several out-of-the-box solutions (Enterprise, Risk, Audit v5). Numerous data feeds were also installed, mapped and activated. Operational support and end user training was provided to ensure timely and adequate business acceptance.

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